Here, you will find the complete Student Life E-Zine survey questionnaire designed by Bob Watts of ORS Marketing Research. Questionnaire

organization and other aspects of this questionnaire are explained below.


Case 8.3 Questionnaire

Case 8.3          287



Hello, I am ____ with ORS, a marketing research firm. We received permission from City U to call you. We are conducting a survey about possible City U internet services, and you were selected at random from the Student Directory. Your participation is important in that your answers will represent hun- dreds of your fellow students. To thank you for taking part in this survey, we will send you a coupon for a free drink and dinner entrée of your choice at any one of five local restaurants. May I take a few minutes of your time to ask you some questions?

  1. Do you have internet access?

        Yes          No (If no, go to Question 38.)

  1. What type of internet connection do you have where you live?

        High-speed cable

        Dial-up modem


        Other (Specify:       )

We are interested in knowing about how you shop and what products and services you are plan- ning on purchasing. Please answer the following questions with “Yes” or “No” or “Not sure.”


Question                                Yes       No      Sure

  1. Do you typically use                             coupons, “2-for-1

specials,” or other promotions you see in magazines or newspapers?

  1. Will you purchase                             regular or diet soft

drinks during the next week?

  1. Will you eat out at                            a local, non–fast-food

restaurant during the next week?

  1. Will you eat out at a                             local fast-food restaurant

during the next week?

  1. Will you order a pizza                             to be delivered during

the next week?


  1. Will you purchase an                             automobile during the

next three months?

  1. Will you be looking for                             new off-campus housing

for next semester?

  1. Will you          purchase          new clothes during the next


  1. Will you go out to a                                 night entertainment

establishment during the next week?

12a. Will you make a purchase over the internet in the next TWO MONTHS?

       Yes         No       Not Sure

(If “No” or “Not Sure,” skip to Question 14.)

12b. (If “Yes” to 12a.) To the nearest $5, about how much do you think you will spend on internet purchases in the next two months?


  1. Next, I have six categories below that I will read to you. After I read them, for each one, tell me about how much you spend over the internet on that category out of every $100 you spend on the Are my instructions clear? (If not, repeat.)

$       Books

$       Gifts for weddings and other special occasions

$       Music purchases

$       Financial services (insurance, loans, etc.)

$       Clothing

$       General merchandise for your home or car

$       100 TOTAL

(Interviewer: The total must be $100. Work with respondents to achieve this total.)

  1. Now, I want to read to you the description of an “e-zine,” and then ask you some questions about

An e-zine is a magazine delivered to you online. We want you to think of an e-zine written especially for post-secondary students. The e-zine would include articles about your university or college as well as





288         Chapter 8: Questionnaire Design




articles about national and world events thought to be of interest to postsecondary students. The e-zine would use state-of-the-art graphics and would have several interactive features such as interviews with campus leaders, athletes, and well-known celebrities. The e-zine would feature streaming video of local events such as previews of entertainment in some of the local night spots or even college sporting events. Some major events would be available on a “pay-per-view” basis. E-zine readers would have access to a variety of special promotions such as free coupons, admit-2- for-price-of-1 specials, and much more.


If the subscription price for this e-zine was $15 per month for a minimum of six months, how likely would you be to subscribe to it? Would you say you are “very unlikely,” “somewhat unlikely,” “neither

likely nor unlikely,” “somewhat likely,” or “very likely”?

Very         Somewhat Neither Likely Somewhat Very


Unlikely Unlikely nor Unlikely Likely Likely

(Interviewer: For those responding “Unlikely” or “Neither . . . ,” go to Question 31. Otherwise, continue.)

We are considering a number of ideas for our e-zine and we would like some help from you in determining which features will be most preferred by our sub- scribers. I will read you names and brief descriptions of possible features. For each feature, please indicate your level of preference by saying “strongly do not prefer,” “somewhat do not prefer,” “no preference,” “somewhat prefer,” or “strongly prefer.”





Do Not


Do Not







Feature Prefer Prefer Preference Prefer Prefer
15.            The Campus Calendar—with prompters for important dates like Drop/Add deadlines (and you can specify other important personal dates)

16.            Course & Instructor Evaluator































—Inside information about courses and instructors from students who have recently taken the course

17. Your Legislature—Pending


























and passed legislative actions that affect college students

18. Popcorn Favourites—A listing
















of top video rentals by category of entertainment

19. Online “specials” from local
















retailing establishments where you can save money by taking advantage of these specials

20. World & National News





















Written by college students

for college students




Case 8.3          289





In the next few questions we want to ask you about your activities, interests, and opinions. Please tell me if you “strongly disagree,” “disagree,” “neither agree nor disagree,” “agree,” or “strongly agree” with each of the following statements that I will read:








Agree nor






31. I am a homebody.                                   
32. I highly value the information

I can access through the internet.





290         Chapter 8: Questionnaire Design








Strongly Disagree





Agree nor Disagree





Strongly Agree

33. Even though I am a post-                                   
secondary student, I feel I have

enough income to buy what I want.

34. I shop a lot for “specials.”                                   
35. I like to wear the latest styles                                   
in clothing.

36. Keeping up with the political











and economic news is not important to me.

  1. Keeping up with entertainment                                                                                                                          news is not important to

Finally, we would like some information for classification purposes only.


  1. What is your academic classification?

        1st year or 1st semester

  1. Please tell me what is your academic major or program?


        2nd year or 2nd semester                                        Arts

        3rd year or 3rd semester                                         Architecture

        4th year or 4th semester                                         Business

        Grad student                                                         Computer Technology

        Other                                                                   Education

  1. Do you live . . .       Engineering

       On Campus       Off Campus                                    Music

  1. In which year were you born? 19 .                             Nursing
  2. What is your GPA?                                                               Professional Studies
  3. What is your gender? Male         Female                    Sciences


  1. Do you work? Yes           No

(If “yes,” ask) How many hours per week?       hours.


Thank you very much for your participation in our survey

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